MUST READ: Article Written By a Brilliant Female Prompter!

Came upon this article on Medium’s site, “How I Won Singapore’s GPT-4 Prompt Engineering Competition” by Sheila Teo. Note: this is a member-only story, but Medium will graciously grant free access to one article if you sign up. Of course, I signed up because I just had to read her story.

First of all, congratulations on your win Sheila Teo!!

In the article, Ms. Teo outlines the frameworks she uses as well as gives examples of how to use them. She offers both beginning as well as advanced techniques. Although she is a data scientist by trade, she explains her methods so that even a novice like me, can follow them.

If you’re a member of Medium and a prompt engineering enthusiast, RUN don’t walk over there. If one free story is all that is allowed in your budget, make it this one!

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