Brainstorming with Mindmap + ChatGPT: Part 2

Last time, I test-drove Taskade. Here’s a look at Miro, which looks like a virtual Post-It wall.

After digging around and playing with it…wow! I can see how this can facilitate all kinds of projects and collaborations. It was a bit difficult to find the AI bot, but once I did, I asked the same as I did for Taskade: content ideas for an AI blog.

Once Miro Assist responds, you have the option to make sticky notes. It only posts the first sentence, not the entire answer. I wanted to see the whole response on the board and eventually did so using the comments function.

You can move the notes around, change colors, and make all kinds of formatting modifications.

Like Taskade, Miro has a free plan. How would I compare the two? Taskade feels like Notion and very AI-centric. With their free plan, you get 1000 AI credits. Miro doesn’t seem to focus on AI as much, but more upon thought organization. The notes on the board can be very helpful in mapping and juggling your ideas. Think of the detective shows you’ve seen and how they put up all their evidence on a board.

Should I get a large project, I’ll use both and take a deeper dive. Til then, try them out and let me know which one you prefer.

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