Brainstorm ideas with a Mindmap + ChatGPT

Saw this article on MakeUseOf, “How to Brainstorm Ideas with a Mindmap and ChatGPT”. While I’m studying and learning, I still need to create interesting posts for this blog. A mindmap could help me with ideas and since it combines ChatGPT, it’s still in the realm I want to explore. Here’s a look at a couple of mindmaps.

Taskade was the first tool mentioned, so I strolled there to sign up for a free account. It reminds me a bit of Notion’s layout:

I created a project, Promptmaru Blog Ideas, and used a canned template Blog Post Creation. It created a prompt that you customize with a topic of your choice.

Here’s the output:

You can see it’s quite generic, but so was the prompt. Let’s see if I can sharpen it up a bit and if it can get more creative.

I wrote a new prompt:

The results are much better!

In fact, I just might incorporate some of these ideas into my blog. Thanks, Taskade & ChatGPT!

Next time: A look at another mindmap, Miro. Stay Tuned!

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