Exploring Vanderbilt University’s Class: A Review

In my greeting, I mentioned that curricula seemed to be few; however, the trajectory of offerings has skyrocketed. I’ll keep a separate page listing classes here as I find them (and hopefully take them); meanwhile, I just finished the Vanderbilt University class offered by Coursera.

You have the option to audit the class for free or pay 50 bucks to get a certificate. I chose the latter because I need all the props I can get to bolster my resume. The course includes 6 modules that each explain different ‘patterns’ of prompting–Chain-of Thought, Iterative, and a few more that weren’t mentioned at LearnPrompting.org. Each module consists short video clips, each under 15 mins. These bite-sized videos make the material easy to digest. The clips include reading assignments and each module ends with an assignment.

The assignments reinforce what was taught in the module so, you’ll be using ChatGPT quite a bit. I signed up for the premium @ 20 bux/mo which gives you priority access. At first, I used the free plan and noticed lag as well as some unavailability. Since my education will rely heavily upon ChatGPT, I spent the extra money.

In summary, new approaches were presented and it reinforced the concepts from LearnPrompting.org. I can go back through the class reading material and use the examples given to help with prompt challenges in the future. Perhaps a catalog of prompts is in order. I’ll add this to my To-Do list. The assignments provide good prompting practice and are actually fun! Next is the DeepLearning.ai course.

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