Putting ChatGPT to use. Right here πŸ‘‡.

SEO is grueling. It’s been a while since I paid attention. Seeing all the tweaks you should apply now is mind-boggling…but necessary. Now that I have a content ‘assistant’, I don’t feel as intimidated.

I use a SEO plugin (AIOSEO for the curious) which gives me hints on how to elevate the SEO in my content. This is how ChatGPT proves useful. While I haven’t used ChatGPT to generate posts (yet), I did rely on it for my small About Me bio. It’s tough writing about myself, so I asked β€œsomeone” else to do it for me.

Just an aside about AISEO. I’m using the free version. The paid “Pro” offering includes a ChatGPT function that assists with what I’m manually doing here: checks the meta description, etc. I need all the practice I can get, so for now, it’s cut and paste for me.

AIOSEO says, for example, that my title is too short. I load the post in ChatGPT (using Model: GPT-3.5 turbo) and ask it to generate three title suggestions under 60 characters Voila! Most of the titles here are ChatGPT generated.

I receive flags for using too much passive voice (apparently 10% is the rule-of-thumb threshold). Load up the post and ask ChatGPT to note the passive voice sentences and suggest active voice substitutes. I’ll pick and choose, sometimes opting to keep the passive sentence intact.

My meta description usually gets flagged for being too long. The plugin usually inserts most of the first paragraph, which yes, is lengthy. So, I’ll use ChatGPT to summarize the first paragraph for an ideal meta and insert it manually.

I imagine SEO tools of the future will automatically generate suggestions or perhaps I just need to get the paid version of the plugin to see more/better hints. If I upgrade, I’ll update.

BTW, aside from search optimization, I’ll also use the LLM to check grammar. So, if there’s a funky sentence, you know whose fault it is 😜.

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